Data cables

Data cables from chainflex® are available as PVC, PUR and TPE data cables, as twisted pair, or as data cables braided in layers. The highly flexible cables are suitable for high stress and are flame-retardant as well as oil-resistant. They are used in high speeds and accelerations. All chainflex® data cables are designed as shielded cables. Tested in the igus® laboratory with millions of cycles in e-chains®, they provide guaranteed safety against failure.
  • Bending radii up to 6,8xd
  • Jacket materials: PVC, PUR or TPE



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Cable structure

Quantidade de produtos: 10

chainflex® CF240 data cable
chainflex® CF240.PUR data cable
chainflex® CF211 data cable
chainflex® CF211.PUR data cable
chainflex® CF11 data cable
chainflex® CF12 data cable
chainflex® data cable CF112
chainflex® data cable CFROBOT3
chainflex® CF298 data cable
chainflex® CF299 data cable