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Mude agora: motion plastics® da igus® – simplesmente duram mais!

Livre de corrosão, robustas e confiáveis

As esteiras porta cabos da igus® já estão em uso hoje em dezenas de milhares de aplicações - Elas orientam e protegem cabos e mangueiras em plataformas de petróleo, em aciarias e em outras máquinas pesadas. Elas têm um design modular e, portanto, são fáceis de instalar. Elas são amigáveis à mídia e adequados para cabos e mangueiras grandes, pesados e rígidos. Nossas e-chains® resistem a limalhas quentes com temperaturas de até + 850 ° C .
Muitos argumentos falam a favor do uso de esteiras porta cabos de plásticos de alto desempenho para aplicações móveis, particularmente na área de serviços pesados.


  • Forte e flexívelLimalhas quentes até 850 ° C
  • Pesos de enchimento até 600 kg/m
  • 90.000 tipos em estoque
  • 100% livre de corrosão
  • Montagem rápida
  • Enchimento fácil
  • Leves
  • Operação silenciosa
  • Baixa vibração
  • Livre de manutenção
  • 100% livre de lubrificação
  • Movimentos circulares possíveis
  • Bobina de cabo sem anel deslizante
  • 80% de redução dos custos do processo
  • Cabos com 36 meses de garantia
  • 75% de redução na energia de acionamento
  • Cálculo online disponível
  • Download de CAD possível
  • Custo-beneficio
  • Montado a pedido
  • Serviço mundial
  • Serviço de entrega a partir de 24h

Tech Talk

Projetando esteiras porta cabos para grandes equipamentos

Exemplos de aplicação para serviço pesado

Bucket wheel excavator

Energy chain system e-loop is used in the bucket wheel excavator of Holcim for cement production.

Energy chain in open-air storage facility for alumina production

Design and installation of a roller energy chain for outdoor use on a bauxite stockpile - an environment with extremely harsh ambient conditions.

Ejection belts

The conveyor belt conveys highly flammable sulphur and transports it to its destination in the harbour area.

Assembly robot

This robot lifts heavy work pieces weighing up to 1.7 tons.

Tunnel building crane

Tunnel construction is generally space constrained, thus requiring compact components.

Coal transport system

The motors in this system need a large number of cables.

Working platform

This new design permits a variety of multiple tunnel construction processing steps to be performed by one machine.

Casting implements for car rims

Automotive wheels are manufactured here using the gravity die casting process.

Zinc electrolysis, bathing halls

The sulfur fumes generated by the electrolysis are highly corrosive and corrode the customer's system. igus® products withstand these extreme conditions.

Rocket launch site

The igus products used are designed for moving applications in such a way that they have a long service life and are absolutely reliable.

Heavy load transporter

Rugged energy chains are technically and economically the first choice in the construction of an extendable heavy load transporter.

Energy chain for stackers on 615m travel without failure for 10 years

A plastic energy chain travels 615m in length in the Czech lignite-fired power plant in Tušimice. It has been in operation for 10 years without any downtime.

Plastic energy chain on 550-metre travel in bulk handling

Under extreme conditions such as heavy dust and dirt, this low-maintenance plastic energy chain ensures safe operation.

Tile factories

Extreme stressing from tile dus in the building material industry.

Road construction

An asphalt finisher applies hot and cold bitumen mixtures. The e-chain® supplies the front area of the vehicle and is exposed to extreme dirt.

Heavy fillings

e-chains® for heavy-duty uses: Guiding of the supply cables of a quenching chamber, which moves toward the linked vacuum ovens.

Power plants

Safe function despite extreme dirt accumulation: Parallel facility in the waste-to-energy plant

Waste incineration plant

Safe application of e-chains® in waste incineration plant

Tunnel construction

Tunnel boring in defined sections with the assistance of an igus® e-chain system®, which guides the essential hose cables section by section.

Steel mills

Temperatures up to 1200°C or lashing blaze from the oven pose high demands on the plant.

Waste incineration plant

Application of e-chains® in waste incineration plants: Strong dirt with high metal content and 300,000 t waste every year.

Thermal application

igus® roller chain in power plant application: Strong dust, application of the chains in trolley and crane, the crane drive arranged in the opposite direction.

Coal-fired power plant

Operation in severe dust. The energy chains are employed in trolley and crane, the crane drive arranged in the opposite direction.

Offshore industry

High pressure hydraulic hoses + power cables. Extreme weather environment but this chain delivers and delivers.

Coal-fired power plant

e-chain system® for a coal unloader. Operating since three years without any problem.

Ship unloading crane

Application of e-chain® systems in ship unloader

Offshore industry

Tube handling plant provides an igus® plastic e-chain®. e-chain® ensures high stability and reliability in pipehandling.

Steel works

Extremely difficult conditions: Dirt and dust, heavy filling, long travel and high temperatures. The system functions since 2003.

Mining industry

The e-chain® is located in the area of the rotating assembly in a bucket-wheel excavator.

Lignite quarrying

The wagon makes a 180° turn and empties into the coal bunker. The energy chain secures the energy supply of the rotating device.

Composting plant

Heat, abrasive dirt, high atmospheric moisture: These are only some of the ambient conditions in a composting plant.

Estação de tratamento de água

Sistema de esteira porta cabos ao invés de enrolador de cabos - Ótimo funcionamento na estação de tratamento de esgoto desde 2000


The plain bearings run without lubrication and without significant wear and tear
in the very harsh environmental conditions of construction machinery.

Concrete pipe cutter

Concrete cutting machine in extremely heavy-duty operation since three years free of maintenance.

Roller energy chain on ship unloaders over 400m travel

On a 441.3 m travel, a roller energy chain reduces the drive power by 75%

Sewage treatment plant

The used igus® products prove themselves till today and drastically reduce the maintenance input.

Sewage treatment plant

The existing system with a motor cable drum proved to be not resistant enough in the difficult outdoor environmental conditions, and was replaced by a flizz® system.

Piling and drilling rigs

The driven boring machine produces extremevibrations and heavy soiling duringthe work process.

Dismantling tool

Flexible chainflex® CF9 control cables and various hoses in zig-zag application.

Maintenance-free operation for 8 years

The energy chain employed in 2000 runs smoothly.

Indoor and outdoor cranes

Outdoor cranes must withstand harsh weather conditions. Indoor cranes also work under alternating moisture influences with simultaneous extremely high temperatures.

Deep drilling system TBA

Energy chains in automated deep drilling rig.

Mais exemplos para aplicações difíceis e extremas

Norway. Standing application for Aker Kværner Maritime Hydraulics AS.
Assembled for the half-immersible platform West Edrill.

Germany. Dismantling of research reactor Karlsruhe. The dismantling of a nuclear power plant with a zigzag chain.

Czech Republic. Lhoist a.s. Modular steel design in lime works.

Czech Republic. Fully enclosed E-Chain System® right on the coal conveyor.

Czech Republic. Porici company CEZ a.s. Energy supply for coal carriage.

Czech Republic. Ventilating machine in the Bunker of a power plant.

Midland Bricks in Australia is the largest brick manufacturer worldwide! Three energy chains have been in operation round the clock since three years and still looks the same as it was on the first day.

Maanshan steel- and ironworks: High temperatures, large loads, heavy dust and high tempo.

voestalpine Stahl Donawitz: High dirt accumulation during scaling of the rails to be milled.

Slovakia, aluminum factory. Error-free operation since 9 years. Travel 62 m, Speed 0.3 m/s.

Czech Republic. Ventilating machine in lime works.

Germany. BASF in Ludwigshafen, premises for fertilizer, since 1998, e-chain®: 4040.32.250.0

Austria, Niklasdorf, ABV, district heating plant

RTG in India, travel: 22 m, e-chain®: 5050.30.550.0, customer: Kalmar, for ATM

Plaster dust

Quayside crane with igus® e-chain system®. Long travels up to 800 m are possible.

Norway: e-chain® with chainflex® in a truck wash. In contact daily with street dust and mud. chainflex® cables perform exceedingly well.

Shagang, steel- and ironworks in China. High temperatures, high speeds, heavy dust.

Czech Republic. CEZ a.s. Modular design for the energy supply of a coal excavator.

Long travel in a bulk goods storage

Crane builder Noell in Panama. Application: RTG; Travel: 19.5 m; up to 60 m/min.

Czech Republic. Shipyard Kresice-Loubi; Refueling point for cargo ships.

Compost mud

Meishan steel and ironworks, Nanjing in China. Crane, heavy dust, high speed.

Tested... tested ... tested

igus® experimental laboratory

igus® operates the largest test laboratory in its industry, with test setups for energy chains, highly flexible cables, plastic bearings as well as plain bearings, ball bearings and linear bearings, lead screw drives, bar stock, etc.

Everything from a single source

igus® Engineering Service

Reduce your costs for the realization of energy supply systems. We offer tailored solutions for challenging applications worldwide.

Lower process costs online

igus® online tools

Use one of our many online tools to configure your product as you need it. Reduce your process costs with online tools and many other useful online services.

Further interesting applications from extremely diverse areas can be found here.


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