Your desired custom cable in just 3 minutes... starting 300 m

With the chainflex® custom cable configurator, create the desired cable for the energy chain
Configured in just 3 minutes... starting at 300 m

Based on the new 'chainflex® SFP' production system, igus® is now able to produce and deliver an almost 'infinite' variety of special cables in tested igus® quality within a short time.
In this context, igus® combines tested chainflex® quality from the chainflex® laboratory with specific customer requirements.
This service is called 'chainflex® CC', where 'CC' denotes 'custom cable'.

Configuring chainflex® desired cables

Using the chainflex® CC configurator, customised chainflex® special cables can be ordered on the spot at the current daily price, starting at 300 m.

More information about chainflex® cables

Jones Cansi
Chainflex® Product Manager
Email: Tel.: +55 11 98397 7905

Contato igus® +55-11-3531 4487 E-Mail para igus®

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