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Buy energy chains for 3D movement

Produtos para movimento 3D

Quantidade de produtos: 57

triflex® R TRC series

  • Energy tube
  • Enclosed design
  • Maximum swarf protection for cables
  • Bend radius R: 50 - 182mm

triflex® R TRCF series

triflex® R Series TRE

Clamp for axis 6 on the robot

  • For various robot manufacturers and models
  • Easy and fast assembly
  • Quick adjustment of the energy supply system on axis 6 possible
  • Ensures constant spacing between the dress pack and axis 6
de 116,21 USD/Pc.
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triflex® R series TRL

  • Light version
  • Cost-effective
  • "easy" design
  • Simply press cables in
  • Bend radius R: 50 - 145mm

triflex® R Series TRLF

  • Light version
  • with snap lock mechanism
  • Quick to fill
  • Bend radius R: 100 - 182mm

Universal installation set

  • Stainless steel angle tube with attachment brackets and module retainer
  • Freely positionable, quick and easy adaptation to new programme sequences of robot sizes 40-60
  • With 2 mounting brackets
  • With 3 mounting brackets starting at size 70
de 500,57 USD/Pc.
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Compact connections for clamp axis 6 | With strain relief

  • With integrated strain relief tiewrap plates
  • Safe and simple securing of the cables with cable ties
  • Various adjustment options
de 234,53 USD/Pc.
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Compact connections for clamp axis 6 | Without strain relief

  • Without strain relief
  • Space-saving
  • Various adjustment options
de 218,96 USD/Pc.
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RSSL retraction system (with spring element, linear)

  • Cost-optimised retraction system
  • Can be mounted directly onto the 3rd axis on many common types of robot
  • Retraction element with spring element
  • Spring elements are particularly suitable for oily and dirty applications
  • For highly dynamic applications
  • High and medium load capacity
de 720,55 USD/Pc.
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MRK Clamps for cobots

  • Plastic bracket
  • Simple screw connection for attachment to the robot arm
  • Fastening of the triflex® R Ø 40 with clip-on mechanism
  • Rounded MRK design
  • For TRC, TRE and TRL e-chains®
  • Suitable for all UR and URe robot arms

Swivel bracket

  • Rotation around axis 1 by up to 270°
  • Slim, simple design and extremely space-saving
  • Easy and quick to retrofit
  • Lubrication-free bearing
  • Available from stock
de 364,87 USD/Pc.
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triflex® R mounting bracket with radius support

  • Distributes the forces acting between the mounting bracket and e-chain more evenly
  • Especially good for applications with high loads and tensile force
  • Provides additional safety
de 165,87 USD/Pc.
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Cobot clamp with protector

  • 1 x Polymer bracket
  • 1m hoop and loop strip
  • 1 x round protector size 40
  • Protector can guide TRE, TRC & TRL in size 40
  • Silicone-free

Cobot clamps with PMA Clip

  • 1 x Polymer bracket
  • 1m hoop and loop strip
  • PMA Clip
  • Available in 5 sizes for corrugated hoses with diameters:
    Ø17mm, Ø23mm, Ø29mm, Ø36mm and Ø48mm
  • Silicone-free


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