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Make telescopic extensions and inclined axes maintenance-free and make them even more reliable

When everything is going uphill but reliability is paramount, individual, modular and space-saving solutions from igus® are the answer. Low-wear and low-maintenance e-chains® and highly flexible chainflex® cables ensure safe and reliable energy supplies with demanding inclined applications.
Wrong or insufficient lubrication of hard-working bearing points with sliding plates made of metal or a conventional plastic can quickly put a machine out of action. This is not the case with iglidur® high-performance plastics. They make additional lubrication and maintenance of telescopic bearing points unnecessary.
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Sample box for applications with telescopic extensions and inclined axes  
The most important information on inclined axes and telescopic extensions

See for yourself the quality of our products. The sample box contains the most important igus® products for application areas with telescopic extensions and inclined axes and information on typical applications.
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Solve typical problems with telescopic extensions and inclined axes

Application example: unsupported lengths of e-chain® in reach stacker  
A limit is placed on unsupported lengths by the components used

Applications, such as this reach stacker, require an energy supply with an unsupported length. However, a limit is placed on this length by the energy supply used. For this reason, energy supplies are required that are both hardwearing and strong.

E4.1L in use  
Energy supply with long unsupported length

The E4.1L offers optimum distribution of force with unsupported lengths and withstands pull and push forces of up to 7000 N. Fill weights of up to 600kg/m are possible with this e-chain®. Consequently, this e-chain® is especially suitable for unsupported use.

Application example of extended pallet trucks  
Heavy components lower the payload

The payload plays an important role in many applications with inclined axes or a telescopic function as it may be limited by heavy components. In the case of this telescopic work platform the objective is, for example, to reduce the weight at the basket as far as possible.

Comparison of different e-chain® models  
Save up to 30% weight with this energy supply

The E4.1L e-chain® is every robust and additionally very light. It not only facilitates longer telescopic applications but permits weight savings of up to 30%. At the same time, it provides more useful space in comparison to predecessor models while the installation space remains unchanged.

Energy supply with abraded hoses  
Material abrasion due to movement

When guiding hydraulic lines, the high pressure exerted on the hoses means that increased abrasion of the hose material can be expected in addition to movement. Both factors not only constitute a hazard during operation, they can also lead to failure.

e-chain® guides hydraulic hose  
Secure support that protects the hose

The E4.1L provides a secure support for hoses with varying pressures and its design takes particular care with the hose. Even with the hose is constantly in motion, material abrasion is reduced while safety and security are increased.

Grove Manlift with energy chain in an extremely small space  
Guiding cables and hoses in the smallest of installation spaces

In the case of applications with a telescopic extension or lift mast, there is little space for energy supplies. This means that very tight bend radii are required that cannot be provided by all cables/hoses and energy chains. At the same time, a particularly long service life is demanded.

Comparison of size: e-chain® and pencil  
Tightest bend radii and extreme durability

igus® e-chains® and dependable chainflex® cables provide very tight bend radii, enabling extremely space-saving supplies. Having cores wound in bundles chainflex® cables are extremely durable even in the event of extreme bending stress.

High-maintenance telescopic bearing points  
Wrong or insufficient lubrication

Telescopic bearing points require regular maintenance and lubrication. This involves constant maintenance work in order to ensure that equipment is safe and functioning properly.

Lubrication-free bearing with iglidur® bar stock  
Maintenance-free telescopic bearing points with iglidur®

The use of technical iglidur® plastic renders telescopic bearing points lubrication and maintenance-free. You can machine the material yourself or have customised shapes manufactured by igus®. The service life of iglidur® plastic can be calculated online.

Tested in the industry's largest test laboratory


e-chains® and chainflex® cables are tested thoroughly in the igus® test laboratory. The energy supplies and cables are tested under realistic conditions and the results are entered into our tools to calculate service life to provide exact predictions on the durability of our products igus® does not, however, generate its expertise exclusively from the laboratory. The specific experience made by igus® customers in practice is at least just as important. Their feedback allows our products to be continually improved.


Application examples with inclined axes

Working platform

This working platform is usually used for underground mining. Up to now, hoses and cables hung loosely from it, which meant they could get caught easily and become damaged.

Working platform    


This vehicle was especially designed for the transport of windcraft wings.


Mining application

A versatile applicable commercial vehicle from underground mining that is required for maintenance in different sectors.

Mining application    

Drilling and piling machines

These drilling and piling machines are used in railway construction, for example, to set concrete piles for electric cables.

Drilling and piling machines    

Working platform

This new design permits a variety of multiple tunnel construction processing steps to be performed by one machine.

Working platform    

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Do you need more information on the use of igus® high-performance polymers in telescopic applications or inclined axes? Our experts are always happy to advise and help you.
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