Robot cables

chainflex® robot cables are used in energy chains or 3D applications. The twistable robot cables meet extremely high industrial stress requirements and score points with properties such as resistance to hydrolysis and microbes, UV resistance and many, many others. Different types of robot cable are available, e.g. hybrid cables, fibre optic cables (FOCs), motor cables and servo cables.



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chainflex® data cable CFROBOT3
chainflex® control cable CF77.UL.D
chainflex® measuring system cable CFROBOT4
chainflex® motor cable CFROBOT6
chainflex® motor cable CFROBOT7
chainflex® motor cable CFROBOT
chainflex® bus cable CFROBOT8
chainflex® fibre optic cable CFROBOT5
chainflex® control cable CFROBOT2
chainflex® hybrid control cable CFROBOT9