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Beer lift
for DIY application
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Technical data:

  • What was needed: Effortless up and down travel with appropriate load, low expenditure
  • Requirements: Maintenance-free, lubrication-free, resilient to high torques, weather-resistant, easy installation, cost-effective, quick procurement
  • Products used: dryspin lead screw nut DST-JSRM-2220DS10X25 and lead screw DST-LS-10X25-R-ES
  • Success for the customer: Withstands high torques, no lubrication and thus 100% maintenance-free, up to 30% longer service life than conventional high helix threads, and no problems from weather conditions 
To the DIY beer lift instructions

To the beer lift

Beer lift
A second refrigerator in the garden requires lots of space and energy. To avoid having to use one, Mr Kessler of Kessler Engineering designed a beer lift. The DIY beverage lift is installed in a hole in the garden. It is cold in the hole, so drinks can be cooled without power. Up to 21 beverage bottles can be stored in the beer lift. He saves room in the garden and in his refrigerator, and the lift is the highlight of all his garden parties.
Mr Kessler followed his concept starting with component selection. The following points were especially important:
No maintenance
► Easy-care, weather-resistant materials
► Simple construction for the setup
► Low cost
► Simple, elegant design

dryspin® technology was attractive

Our dryspin® lead screw nuts made of high-performance iglidur® polymers do not require a single drop of lubrication. This makes them completely maintenance-free. Another decisive advantage over metallic lead screw nuts is that they are 100% rust-proof.  Even in corrosive environments and extreme weather, dryspin® lead screw drives always run smoothly. They are perfectly suited to a hole-in-the-ground beer lift. They also support the lightweight design: dryspin® lead screw nuts are up to 88% lighter than conventional lead screw nuts.
The asymmetrical threads  of the dryspin technology developed by us increase service life by up to 30%, and the flat flank angle increases efficiency. The contact area between lead screw and nut is reduced, and the lead screw systems operate quietly and without vibration under load.  
Costs were saved not only on procurement, but also by avoiding set-up costs and maintenance. The cables' service life can be calculated very easily online. 
dryspin technology

Beer lift installation

Installation made easy

"The igus® lead screw nut is inserted flush into the 25mm aluminium tube. The nut is securely fixed with several strokes from several sides with a centre punch and hammer. In order to avoid deforming the nut, I screwed in the lead screw first", Mr Kessler explains. Further instructions for assembling the beer lift and installing the dryspin® lead screw drive can be found here.  
To the DIY beer lift instructions

Products used

lead screw

Lead screw
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lead screw nut

Lead screw nut
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