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Bar stock made of motion plastics® with a predictable service life

iglidur plastic bar stock makes it possible to cost-effectively produce components and profiles in motion. Exceptionally suited for individual product series or prototypes. Plates, round and hollow bars made of a wide range of different iglidur high-performance polymers are available from stock. The properties of each individual material make it a specialist for certain applications, such as an especially low coefficient of friction or high temperatures. With the expert system for bar stock the service life for plain bearing applications can be calculated online. iglidur plastic bar stock is used with great success in mechanical engineering, food and packaging industry as well as in medical laboratories and cleanrooms, to name only a few applications.

iglidur® plastic bar stock – order online

Round bars  
iglidur® bar stock round bars

Outer diameter 10 to 100mm

Flexible lengths from 100 to 1,000mm

Excellent coefficients of wear and friction

For special dimensions in small quantities

FDA compliance where necessary

Bar stock hollow bar  
iglidur® bar stock hollow bars

Outer diameter 110 to 150mm

Inner diameter 70 to 100mm

Flexible lengths from 100 to 1,000mm

Low wear with many different shaft materials

Suitable for a large number of applications

Bar stock plates  
iglidur® bar stock plates

In a large number of standard dimensions

Plate thickness 2 to 40mm

Operation temperatures -100°C to 250°C

FDA compliance where necessary

For a large number of potential applications

Profile made of iglidur® bar stock  
Profiles made of iglidur high-performance polymers

igus will also manufacture individual profiles made of iglidur material for you. Just enter the desired key data and send us your CAD file, for example. Then you will receive a non-binding offer.  


iglidur® bar stock - advantages at a glance:

  • 100% maintenance- and lubrication-free
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Online service life calculator for plain bearing applications
  • Corrosion-resistant and hygienic
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Resistant to dirt, dust and humidity
  • Low vibration
  • Flexible lengths for round and hollow bars
  • No minimum order value or quantity
  • Special dimensions can be supplied
  • Ready to ship in 24 - 48hrs

More information on bar stock

Mechanical processing  
Special parts made from bar stocks

Three steps will take you to the offer for your part in the desired quantity and the desired material.

Bar stock news  
Brochure: bar stock made of motion plastics®

Our bar stock brochure provides answers to further questions and will provide assistance with decision-making.

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Learn everything about our materials and their properties.

Bar stock product finder  
Sample box

Order free sample box and simply see for yourself the quality offered.

Selected application examples

Customised solution

This machine for the production of technical brushes contains parts made of iglidur® bar stock that were designed and milled by the customer themselves.

Made of bar stocks: components made of iglidur® reduce maintenance costs

In a tyre soaping station, metal bearings were used up to now, which regularly led to a breakdown of the system. Now, these bearings have been replaced with plastic bearings made of igus® bar stocks . This saves costs of several thousand Euro per year.

High number of cycles

Plastic plate bar stock as bearings with a large contact surface withstand even a very high number of cycles in this application.

Individual iglidur® component for melting probe

The "IceMole" is a melting probe, with which the polar regions, glaciers and as a long-term objective extraterrestrial regions are to be explored. For storing the ice screw, a component was needed that is water- and dirt-resistant and  thermally insulated. Therefore, a bearing is used that was made of iglidur® A180 bar stock.

Special bearings for highest precision in ophthalmology

iglidur® bar stock is used to manufacture a microscope arm for eye examinations. The reason: it can be machined to produce customised plain bearings down to sizes measured in μm to ensure the necessary precision for examinations.  

Durable plain bearings for night vision devices

The company ACTinBlack SARL tested more than 30 materials and was close to giving up the project when they came upon the material iglidur® JB, which offered the perfect solution for their problem. Eliminating possible weak points was a general goal of the developers.  

Durable and wear-resistant plain bearings for finger prosthesis

This prosthesis is an electrically powered finger. The joint at the base of the finger is moved directly via a gear motor, which carries along the middle joint via a flexible connection. All axes involved in this movement are mounted through plastic sockets made of the material iglidur® J. Altogether, eight bearings are integrated in one finger.

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